Sades Hailstorm Gaming Mouse Pad

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  • SADES EXCLUSIVE PATTERN DESIGN: Hailstorm levels up your aesthetics gaming with its SADES signature wolf pattern topped with a blue camouflage design.
  • COMFORTABLE QUALITY MATERIAL: The Hailstorm’s soft fabric enables your wrist to move comfortably on the mousepad’s surface.
  • LARGER CONTROL AREA: The mousepad’s large control area can match your mouse handling style on any games you play.
  • WATERPROOF SURFACE: With the Hailstorm’s waterproof surface, you can worry less about having a damp mousepad when you spill your drinks.
  • NATURAL RUBBER BASE: The Hailstorm’s 3mm rubber base keeps the mousepad in place to prevent it from sliding and interfering with your mouse movement.