MOC Waterproof Case Black for iPhone 8 / 7

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WATERPROOF This waterproof mobile case for iPhone is IP68 Certified. IP stands for "International Protection Marking" and is a classification for how protected different gadgets are against small objects and water. The first digit in the code (6x) stands for the highest classification of protection against dust and dirt. The second digit (x8) tells you how protected your phone is against water. 8 is the highest degree of protection and means that it can be lowered into water deeper than 1 meter for at least 30 minutes. Please note! Water protection can be affected by usage over time. To be sure, check regularly that the seals are watertight before use. SHOCKPROOF Protects your smartphone against drops for up to 2 meters. PERFORMANCE Ultra flat protective screen supporting finger-print identification, smooth functionality for calling, texting, shooting and sharing.