MOC Sport Armband Bag Black for iPhone 8 Plus and Android XL Phones

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With MOC's unique Velcro system QAS, you get quick access to your smartphone to take a picture, make a movie, change your music, send a message, use Instagram etc. It comes with a soft and flexible mobile case - Slip-in Bag, but you can combine the sport armband with any of our other QAS-compatible bags and cases.

• The sport armband is stretchy and gives you a comfortable feeling around your arm. • QAS = Quick Access System – quick access to your smartphone with our unique velcro system. • The smartphone bag has a "touch-through window" and is water repellent. • Adhesive velcro stickers included to attach your case to the inside of your car, boat etc. • Perfect if you are looking for a comfortable sport armband with the ability to release your smartphone quickly and easily. • Recommended for use during outside activities or at the gym.