GameSir G6 Mobile Gaming Touchscreen Controller - Black

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  • GameSir G6 is a hybrid game controller developed specifically for mobile games that combines the advantages of actual analogue controller and touch screen control.
  • You can use the left controller to move or jump while focusing on the precise aiming on the right touch screen
  • The professional layout of 10 configurable buttons and an ultra-thin 3D joystick enables optimal combination control of moving, aiming, jumping and shooting in FPS games, or tactical positioning and combo attacks in MOBA games.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection which features high sensitivity and low latency
  • GameSir G6 mobile controller features G-Touch technology that supports iOS native games
  • The L1, L2 and R1 trigger buttons are micro switches that enable up to 3 million keystroke lifespan, small contact gap, snap action, high sensitivity and short action travel for a realistic shooting experience.
  • Featuring Nordic 52832 chip with 3mAh ultra-low power consumption and up to 80 hours of running time