4Smart Rapidcord Lightning Cable 1m White

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Durable fabric covered design

Designed for performance and durability, the 4Smarts RapidCord FlipPlug Lightning cable features a fabric braided covering to ensure it withstands all sorts of abuse, while still maintaining a premium look and feel.

Reversible USB connector

Inserting a USB cable into a charging port can sometimes be one of the most frustrating activities known to man. You line it all up and go to insert the cable, only to find out you have the USB connector the wrong way around! Well this problem can be resolved with the RapidCord FlipPlug Lightning cable.

For added convenience, this 4Smarts cable features a reversible USB Type A connection, meaning you can insert this cable into your PC, laptop or USB mains charging adapter in both ways.

Allows simultaneous charging and syncing of your Lightning device

This high quality cable allows you to connect your Lightning device to your laptop or desktop PC in order to charge your phone and exchange / sync data simultaneously.

1 metre cable for maximum convenience

Enjoy all the convenience and freedom you need for charging and syncing your device with this cable that features a 1 metre length. Not too long that it gets in the way of anything and long enough to suit most needs.